Steller Float™ Levitating Moon Lamp

Steller Float™ Levitating Moon Lamp

Steller Float™ Levitating Moon Lamp

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 Our Room's Are A Huge Part Of Our Life Since We Spend Plenty Of Time In Them, Why Not Enjoy It... With Steller Float™ Levitating Moon Lamp!

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24/7 Silent Levitation

Steller Float™ is designed to levitate 24/7 completely silent which also makes it a perfect night light!
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Finger Print Touch Sensor

Steller Float™ has a built in fingerprint touch sensor that is used to turn On/Off and to change the color to your liking!  
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5 Star Quality

Each moon lamp takes 32+ hours to craft using the latest 3D technology to replicate NASAs satellite images to accurately produce the moon's actual surface and craters.

What's Our Secret?

Inside the wooden base there are two things, you will find that there is array of electromagnets and a magnetic induction charger.

When lowering the moon onto the base, the outermost electromagnets serve to attract the base while the inner magnets create a repelling force. This is what holds the moon in place and causes it to hover a few centimeters above the base.

Now once within the range of the moon's base, the receiver is able to pick up power from the charger block via magnetic induction.

Turning On & Off

You can turn the light of your moon on or off simply by tapping the power button on the surface of the wooden base. The light will turn on or off, without affecting the levitation.

Our sensitive touch sensor is where the magic happens. Moons switch feels effortless and smooth, just like touching wood.

How to Levitate?

Operating levitating devices requires a lot of patience and practice at first. If this is your first time using magnetic levitation products, you may need to attempt a few times first before succeeding. However, once you succeed, it only gets easier!


Place the base on a flat, non-ferrous surface and turn on the power by connecting the cable to the base and plugging the adapter to your outlet.


Hold your Moon with both hands. Start from the center, about 6 inches above the base, and slowly lower your hands until you are about 2cm above the base. You will feel an upward repulsion force from the base.


Once you feel that it is almost balanced in mid-air (not falling down or being pushed up), slowly loosen your grip. If it gets pulled down to the base, pick it up and restart from step 2 again. Otherwise, great job, you got it to levitate!


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