Steller Float™ Levitating Plant Pot

Steller Float™ Levitating Plant Pot

Steller Float™ Levitating Plant Pot

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Say Goodbye To Old Boring Plant Pots

Introducing Steller Float™ Minimalistic Levitating Plant Pot, the world's first floating Pots For Plants. Crafted using the finest material and built with the Latest Technology

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5 Star Quality
Each Floating Plant Pot is crafted using high quality materials to represent Steller Floats Top Tier Quality to all customers

100% Levitation

Each Steller Floating Plant Pot is crafted in a unique way to enhance the levitation

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Speed Control

Steller Float Levitating Plant can spin to the speed of your liking!

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100% Silent


Thanks to latest levitation technology, Steller Float Levitating Plant is designed to float silently without producing any noise. Designed to suit any living space at home!

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  • 【EYE-CATCHING】 The Perfect Balance Of Nature And Technology That Adds Elegance And Modernism To Any Room.


  • 【Advanced】Designed To Rotate Smoothly During Suspension, Allowing For 360 Degrees Of Sunlight Exposure With Any Array Of Light.


  • 【Ergonomic】Our Light Weight, Portable, And Plug And Play Design Makes It Perfect For Any Home Or Office Décor.


  • 【Crafted In North America】We Value Our Quality Which Is Why All Our Products Are Backed With A 1-Year Warranty.


  • 【Plant Not Included】Perfect For Air Plants, Bonsai And Other Small Plants.



Each Customer is Highly Valued and given a 30 Day Guarantee for a full 100% refund if they are not satisfied with our products! Contact us stellerfloat@gmail.com

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