Steller Float™ Levitating Bulb Lamp

Steller Float™ Levitating Bulb Lamp

Steller Float™ Levitating Bulb Lamp

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Introducing Steller Float™ Minimalistic Levitating Lamps, the world's first floating LED Bulb Lamp. Crafted using the finest material and built with Latest Technology

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One Touch Control
Each Steller Float Levitating Bulb Lamp is unique due to its Minimalistic One Touch Hassle Free On/Off Control

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5 Star Quality
Each Floating Lamp is crafted using high quality materials to represent Steller Float Quality to all customers
100% Silent Sound Free
Thanks to latest levitation technology, Each bulb is designed to float silently without producing any noise. Designed to suit any living space at home!

Wireless Charging
Charging your phone just got easier. Easy hassle free wireless charging when placing your phone on the wooden base. ( Check to assure your device is compatible with wireless charging ) Non Wireless Charging Models are available too!

  • FLOATING IN MID-AIR FREELY - Without any support or contact ,Use Magnetic levitation technique.


  • WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION - Bulb powered through the air via induction, lights controlled by the touch button: on/off on the wooded base.


  • POWER SAFETY - Overcome drop technical difficulties, Bulb is caught immediately once power off


  • ATTRACTIVE AND DECORATIVE LAMP - A cool concept. Very fancy and Unique decoration for your home, office, conference room, Auditorium, canteen, and guesthouse, have unique visual effects


  • PERFECT GIFT - Great gift for lover, friends, parents, kids at Christmas, birthday  holidays, wedding, anniversary and business,



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