Steller Float™ Levitating Bulb Lamp

Steller Float™ Levitating Bulb Lamp

Steller Float™ Levitating Bulb Lamp

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Time To Get Rid Of Your Boring Old Lamp

Introducing Steller Float™ Minimalistic Levitating Bulb Lamps, the world's first floating LED Bulb Lamp. Crafted using the finest material and built with Latest Technology.


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100% Levitation

Steller Float™ is designed with the latest levitation technology which allows each bulb levitate 24/7 without any issues. 

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100% Fall Free Safety Feature 

Steller Float™ Bulbs will levitate 24/7 without falling. Each bulb is designed with Fall Free Safety feature. This feature is activated when the power is disconcerted from the base or if the bulb is pushed with a lot of force, the levitating bulb will automatically connect to the base to prevent the bulb from falling on the floor or any surface. 

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One Touch Control

Each Steller Float Levitating Bulb Lamp is unique due to its Minimalistic One Touch Hassle Free On/Off Control

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5 Star Quality

Each Floating Lamp is crafted using high quality materials to represent Steller Float Quality to all customers

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100% Silent Sound Free

Thanks to latest levitation technology, Each bulb is designed to float silently without producing any noise. Designed to suit any living space at home!


How Does Levitation Work?

Inside the wooden base there are two things, you will find that there is array of electromagnets and a magnetic induction charger.

When lowering the bulb onto the block, the outermost electromagnets serve to attract the bulb’s base while the inner magnets create a repelling force. This is what holds the bulb in place and causes it to hover a few centimeters above the block.

Now once within the range of the bulb’s base, the receiver is able to pick up power from the charger block via magnetic induction.



How to Levitate?

Getting your light bulb to float for the first time will take a lot of patience and practice at first. If this is your first time using magnetic levitation products, you may need to attempt a few times first before succeeding. However, once you succeed once, it only gets easier and easier!


Place the base on a flat, non-ferrous surface and turn on the power by connecting the cable to the base and plugging the adapter to your outlet.


Hold the light bulb with both hands. Start from the center of the base and 10cm above the base, and slowly go down until you are about 2cm above of the base. You will feel an upward repulsion force on the base.


Once you feel that the bulb is almost balanced in mid-air (not falling down or being pushed up), slowly loosen your grip. If the light bulb ends up being sucked to the base, pick up the light bulb and restart from step 2 again. Otherwise, great job, you got it to levitate!


About Steller Float™ Levitating Bulb 

  • MAGNETIC LEVITATING LIGHT BULB - Use Magnetic levitation technique, Floating and Spinning automatically in the air Freely without any support or contact, no need cables, batteries


  • WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION - Bulb powered through the air via induction, lights controlled by the touch button: on/off


  • ATTRACTIVE AND DECORATIVE LAMP - A cool concept. Very fancy and Unique decoration for your home, office, conference room, Auditorium, canteen, and guesthouse, have unique visual effects


  • PERFECT GIFT - Great gift for lover ,friends, parents, kids at Christmas, birthday , holidays, wedding, anniversary and business ,Add to cart -Image when they receive and open the box, it will bring them much surprise!


Each Customer is Highly Valued and given a 30 Day Guarantee for a full 100% refund if they are not satisfied with our products! Contact us stellerfloat@gmail.com



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